Chef March Walker

Chef March Walker rose to Chef at the Birdsall House in September of 2011, having been Sous Chef for more than six months prior.  Before settling in Peekskill, March worked for a number of years in Manhattan, doing line cooking stints at Bond St, Sono, Gramercy Tavern, before rising to Executive Chef at Beppe Trattoria on 22nd and Park.  He graduated with honors from the Culinary Institute of America in 2000, and was first helped on the road to professional cooking by Atsushi Miura, the proprietor of a small Japanese restaurant in Charlottesville, VA, where March began washing dishes at 16 years of age.

While the influences of Japanese and Tuscan cuisine may seem at first to be wildly different, March believes that they both taught him to focus on straightforward and balanced flavors, high quality ingredients, and as few components in a composed dish as possible.  Applied to his own idea of American food, these lessons yield a cuisine that is delicious, attentive, and cleanly flavored without being fussy or pretentious.

March owns a small home in Peekskill with his wife of over a decade, and teamed with the owners of the Birdsall House in August of 2012 to open Gleason’s on 911 South Street in Peekskill.

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