A Little History...

Paula Connolly dropped off a few pictures today, which have been posted in Pictures under "The Old Place".  We plan to dedicate a wall in the tavern to history - that is the history of this space and some Peekskill history.  We'll hopefully be getting more old pictures soon (and if anyone out has others, let us know:  bh@birdsallhouse.net).

We've been focusing on the basement for the past week.  Lots of dust and dirt, but it's coming along.  Our draught tower has been put on hold for the time being as we re-design it.  I don't think we'll be able to build what we had originally intended.  It's still going to match the decor in the bar, but it's going to be less complex.  If you've been following our renovations you know that we can only use a very small section of the bar to support our 20 line draught tower.  We're going to build it out of mahogany, which we have, but we're going to wait untill we have some of our draught parts before we start cutting wood.  We'll post some pictures once the process starts.

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