Refrigeration Repair

All of our refrigeration is up and running!  The cold box, behind the bar, glycol machine & ice machine (which will be a whole other blog) have been charged with freon and getting chilly - thanks for Freddy Ayala of Blizzard Refrigeration, our new refrigeration guy.  In this business you want a good refrigeration guy.  We found him by Googling. He doesn't have a website, but his number is 845-526-3435 if you're in need of a good refrigeration repairman.  He knows what he's doing and his pricing is fair and affordable.

We're still sweating it out in the basement.   We've been painting the subterranean exteriors walls with Dry-Lok all week and there's finally an end in sight.  John's has cemented some of the rough spots on the basement floor, so tomorrow we should be able to paint the floors and be done with the basement - except for the draught system.  All of our draught system components have arrived and we're getting ready for the install.

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