Monday, Monday

Oh Monday, Monday… as the tune goes.  And a holiday to boot.  We are transitioning from the heavy work to the more detailed stuff.  Like installing our 20 line draft system with all the bells and whistles, sending out our first press release to all of our local papers, and tinkering with all the little details that will hopefully make this little tavern shine.  Although today was sunny and beautiful and all I wanted to do was be outside and play in the dirt.  I guess there will be time for that later.  One high point in a more than usual unmotivated day was meeting the great folks over at 3&Co.  They are located right here in Peekskill on North Division.  Listen folks these ladies are the real deal and if you’re in the market for Promotional design you should visit their website  they gave us the coolest T-shirts. Mine is a dark green that says PKSKLL across the front.  For those of you slower community members that is short for Peekskill.  Anyway, Tomorrow is Tuesday and not a holiday and we have big plans to conquer the world starting at 8:00am.  Maybe 7:30 if Home depot doesn’t take too long.



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