Fritz Lang, Orson Welles, Barleywine & Charcuterie...

We can't wait for Chapter 2!

Why I Love Birdsall House, Chapter 1: Pork and Beer
(in which our heroine samples barley wine and yields to the sinister charms of charcuterie)

A hearty greeting, a modest table, and — be still my heart — projected scenes from Fritz Lange’s Metropolis and Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane. Folks, you could not get me out of this place with a crowbar, and that was even before the barley wine and charcuterie. Let’s just say that if this dish were a man, I’d accompany it to the men’s room: we’re talking pork terrine with lemony mustard-seed caviar, spicy lamb sausage with red-onion jam, and a seared bacon lardon with apple butter and mesclun. I LOOOOVE Birdsall House.

Julia Sexton - Westchester Magazine

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