Great Grains & Good Press

We've acheived our first mention in the New York Times (the Sunday Times, no less), thanks to Don Lewis of Wild Hive Farm who provides us will all of our bread, crackers, polenta and grain.  Wild Hive Farm uses only local grains and mills them on site.   Chef Matt Hutchins had worked with Don on a student harvest dinner at CIA.  Don liked Matt's culinary stylings and when we hired him on at the Birdsall House, Matt insisted on using Wild Hive bread.  Luckily, after visting the Birdsall House, Don agreed to take care of all of our bread and grain needs. If you haven't had the Deep-Fried Soft-Boilded Egg served atop a bowl of Wild Hive polenta, you're missing out.  The polenta also pairs nicely with any IPA as a late night snack...

Cheers and thanks for the support.

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