Founders Nemisis 2010

Join us this coming Wednesday, Sept., 1st @ 7pm for a Founders Brewing Nemisis 2010 release party.

What you have here is a rarity. A special, one-of-a-kind ale that is only made once a year. Sometimes that’s all. Forever. No more. Nada. Limited-time only. You never know what you’re gonna get. But you can be sure that it’ll be damn tasty.  This year's offering is a Barleywine clocking in at 12% ABV.

We will also be featuring Founders Porter, Founders Centennial IPA & Founders Curmudgeon.


Also, we've decided to take a road trip to collect even MORE NYS beer for our first ever New York State IPA Fest:

Chatham Brewing
Davidson Brothers Brewing Co.
Cooper's Cave Ale Co.
C.H. Evans Brewing Co.
Adirondack Pub & Brewery


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