Its 8:30 in the evening, and what a beautiful evening it is.  There is a perfect half moon in the sky and the stars are bright enough to drown out the lights of the city.  My partner Tim, you guys know Tim, can’t seem to get his Mercedes door to open.  If you have been reading you know Tim buys old cars and fixes them up.  Well this is one of those nights when fixing old cars is a bit of a pain in the proverbial back cushion.   We are inching ever so closer to our opening date.   Every day brings a new challenge, but every day also brings huge discoveries and even blessings.  This was Saturday and a lot of people stopped by to say hello.  My hiking buddies came through.  I was a little jealous thinking about the dirt and sticks they had stumped through and the awesome Hudson valley vistas they contemplated life over, but it gave me a huge charge to have them come by.  Not to mention our lovely neighbors that stopped by with their three month old rock star Stella.  Folks these people brought me cake.  Now if you want to be taken well care of at the Birdsall House a good rule of thumb is to bring cake.  On a hard working Saturday cake is good.  Especially this cake, It was GOOD cake. 


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