The Time

My fellow citizens, this is the time.  Our little village of Peekskill is starting to close the shutters and bed down for the night.  The clouds are fighting for space with a starry sky.  And this is the time when the demons of another long day slowly seep out of a tired mind and it is time to blog.  Tim, the Alchemist, has been tunneling underground for the last couple of days putting together the veins of the operation.  Veins of the operation?  Yes, my friends, the life force of our little tavern.  No, I am not talking about blood.  I am talking about BEER.  The Alchemist has attached all the beer lines to their regulators and has made that little Old Cold Box look prettier than a county fair prize winning pig in a tin can smoker.  Johnny has been very gingerly putting together a mahogany draft tower.  The project moves on about the speed of a snail, but we are looking forward to the fruits of the extra care.  Cheers and Salutations,


P.S.  More draught pics here.

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