Hump Day

Hump day and all is well.  We continue to march forward on the draft system.  The Alchemist has finished the inside of the box and hopped up Johnny has only the front of the draft box to clamp and biscuit join together.  Beer shall flow in the near future.  The hard working boys from union beer stopped by.  For those of you not in the know they are the kind fellows that distribute some very awesome craft brew through our fair land.  Craft beers that will hopefully be sliding down your discerning gullets very soon.  The evening has finished creeping in and is in full swing and my little dog, BillyJean, is awaiting my arrival and her final walk around the yard to see which neighbor dogs hiked there leg to say hello.  Tomorrow should bring the beginning of the end of the last large project on the list.  And with a little luck we will be getting you all a date when the doors will swing open.  Cheers and Salutations!


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