My fellow proletariat, the road to completion is paved with potholes.  It has been a bumpy ride this week.  Projects seem to creep by and their elusive finish seems just out of reach.  But we must remember that the projects that are presently stealing all our time are the whole reason The Birdsall House exists.   The Birdsall House, first and for most,  is here to showcase the diverse flavors of the American Craft Brewer.  And The Birdsall House Boys are working on their draft system.  The Mahogany draft tower is almost complete.  A couple more passes of oil and shellac and we will be mounting this Beauty to the bar.  And just in time, because the draft line installer (Tim) is waiting for the carpenter (me) to hurry up and finish.   All the beer geeks out there should be sure to ask for a tour of the system when they come by.  And for those of you that don’t know what a beer geek is let me define.  A beer geek is someone that takes their love for craft beer to a hobby.  Many of the beer geeks out there have stuck away in a corner of the basement or garage a little handmade system to make their own brewed concoctions. And a beer geek is definitely someone that will drive 30 minutes to stand in the 15 degree cold in a line for the newest release from Captain Lawrence Brewery in Westchester.  If you read Tims last posting you will now have figured out that the Birdsall House boys are beer geeks.


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