Countrymen we have been swimming in glycol.  You see the Birdsall Boys have it in their head that they can do anything.  And nine times out of ten, they can.  But ever so often some force of nature will contrive to prove the theory wrong.  Like a blue jay raiding the eggs in a Robins nest, our old Perlick Glycol chiller took our day and smashed it on the ground.   We couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  We tried multiple scenarios, disconnecting and reconnecting parts and tubes.  No matter what we did we couldn’t make it work.  Jump forward eight hours later and you have two very disgruntled, tired and confused dudes.  Right before quitting time we decided to call Perlick, the makers of the glycol machine that wouldn’t.  And the kind fellow at Perlick asked, “Did you prime the pump?”  Ten minutes later the glycol machine worked.  I think the lesson here is even if you think you can do anything; you still have to read the directions.


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