Fellow countrymen, it is Sunday, and not just any Sunday, Today is Valentine’s Day.  The one day of the year when we look at that someone special and think to ourselves, “Oh Crap, I forgot to get something.”  The one holiday that I think everyone wishes at one time or another didn’t exist, of course we all kind of secretly enjoy good old cupid on Valentine’s Day as long as we have that someone special to cozy up with.  My special someone is presently finishing up her beautiful paint job in the ladies room.  Ladies your restroom at the Birdsall House is going to be the sexiest bathroom this side of the Mississippi. 

We are putting on the finishing touches and are finally able to say we will be open in weeks instead of months.   I know we haven’t posted a blog in a week or so, but cleaning, inventory, interviewing, building, praying and every once in awhile sleeping has slowed my writing down.  I know not a good enough excuse and we promise to be better.  We will be giving you all an opening date very soon.  And if you didn’t enjoy your Valentines, remember, there is always Presidents day to cozy up too tomorrow.


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