Thank You!

We are rapidly approaching our two month anniversary and all is well at the Birdsall House.  And why are we so well?  Well my fellow citizens it is because of you.  After many months of constructing, cleaning, and preparing we were left with a beautiful house and grand ideas, but it is due to all of you walking through the door and filling our little ship with life, love, and laughter that has made The Birdsall House what it is today.   We raise a pint to you all.   Now, enough with the love letter and down to business.  Chef Matt, Tim, and I continue to forage the Hudson Valley with an ever watchful eye for local sustainable products to put on your plate and in your glass.  Presently, all our breads are coming from Wild Hive Farms.  Don and Amy, from Wild Hive, bake all our breads fresh to order using all local, organic ingredients from the Hudson Valley.  You can check them out in Clinton Corners where they also operate a café .   We are getting most of our proteins from Hemlock Hill Farms form right here in Cortlandt Manor.  They are literally a few miles from our doorstep.   You can’t get much more local than that. Feel free to stop by and see John, Laura, and Oswaldo and pick up some local meats for your next barbeque . Let us not forget about our veggies.  Red Barn Distributors, located in New Paltz, delivers us farm fresh vegetables form the Hudson valley two times a week.  Our to-go containers are even made from Sugarcane.  Why, you might ask, do we do this?  Well, to be honest saving the earth is not our main motivation.  We are committed to reducing our footprint and over time we will continue strive for a more sustainable type of establishment.  But for the present our main motivation is for our community.  Buying local helps our community by putting our money back into the local economy.  It makes our customers happier with better tasting food.  It makes us healthier not eating hormone filled meats or vitamin depleted frozen veggies.  And again we raise our locally brewed pint of Captain Lawrence Ale and thank you all for embracing our concept.  You all inspire us to put even more local products on your plates and in your glasses.

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