A Beautiful Ship

We purchased a very old and beautiful ship.  This ship had seen better days. The hull was rusty, filled with barnacles.  The deck was rotted and sagging.  And the paint, a ghost of its former self.  On November 18th we started to fix our boat.   We replaced the deck with new boards.  We scraped and sanded the hull to a fine luster.  We hired our crew of sailors and readied ourselves to set out to sea.  On Friday the 12th the day had finally arrived, we were to set sail.  The fanfare was huge.  We were off.  We have already found some leaks and even had a couple of high seas.  But we have set sail.  It is Friday, one week since we opened and lot has happened.  On opening day we had a ribbon cutting with Mayor Foster and the great people over at city hall.  The night was amazing, it seemed that the majority of the community showed up to wish us well.  Saturday’s St. Patrick Day parade was somewhat dampened by the torrential down pour, but we had fun anyway.   In the afternoon the place filled with a troop of bagpipers.  The walls off the old place seemed to come alive with the memories of Gaelic songs past.  And as I listened my heart soared with feelings of community and heritage.  We also had our first beer event where we showcased the beers of Captain Lawrence Brewery.  People from far and wide showed up to taste the various malty beverages. And I do mean far and wide.  We had people that drove up from Philly as well as down from Mass all to taste the sudsy concoctions of Scott at Captain Lawrence. Each day we continue to meet our awesome community as well as being surprised how far people have traveled to check us out.   We have big plans for our little slice of Peekskill and we can’t wait to share them with you over the coming days, weeks, months, and years.




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