Very Soon

Peekskillians, I am broadcasting to you from the depths of the earth.  We have moved the office underground.  No longer do I sit at my comfy 1930’s booth above ground with the rest of the world.  Instead my office has moved underground in the warmth of the basement.  And if you listen very closely you can here Peek’s creek babbling underground through the heart of downtown Peekskill.  We are inching ever so closer to the finish line.  Not Months, Not weeks, but yes my ever so patient citizens, DAYS.   We are putting together an awesome team of soldiers to attend to your every comfort.  And our chef is busy hand picking cattle for fresh delivery on the 12th.  And if you are vegetarian I was only kidding he is actually foraging for mushrooms in the hills.  The point is we are all hard at work and we are very excited to have you all over very soon.

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