Introducing Chef Matt Hutchins

We searched the mountain tops, we swam to the bottom of world’s end, we crawled through the stalagmites of the deepest cave, and we even posted something on our website all in search of the perfect chef.  A chef that would have the ability to make your taste buds sing and your toes curl.  Our search stretched over a three month eternity that seemed to have no end in sight.  Don’t get me wrong, we met plenty of good chefs.  But, Peekskill, we were looking for that perfect fit.  The piece of the puzzle that makes the picture pop.   Quite frankly you all don’t know how close the Birdsall House came to having Johnny as the cook serving hotdogs and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Enter Chef Matt Hutchins, the latest member of the Birdsall House team.   Chef Matt came to us by way of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), where he recently graduated.  With fifteen years in the industry he brings a whole lot to the table and I do mean that literally.  He hails from Northern Florida, that’s right folks another southern gentleman hits the streets of Peekskill.    He spent some time out in Cali at Chez Panisse and lucky for us made his way to the Hudson Valley.  Chef Matt applies many styles to his cooking ranging from southern to California French to Caribbean flavors, like I said he brings a whole lot to the table.  He is passionate about using local, seasonal ingredients and will create menus that change daily based on availability. Dedicated to becoming increasingly sustainable, he will strive to embrace that concept through practices such as house-made charcuterie, pickled and preserved items, and composting.  He also hopes in time to use herbs and other edible items grown on the premises.  He looks forward to developing a menu that will meet the needs of the community and pair well with the beer selections available at the Birdsall House.  We are very excited.  And by the way a little birdie told me that the Birdsall House will be opening by March 12, check back soon to confirm that rumor.


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