The Return of Johnny Cask - Friday 4/1 6pm

75 Minute IPA is simply a blend of DFH 60 Minute IPA and our 90 Minute IPA.  You can even make your own - just get both beers and blend away!
So what's different about the cask version? The cask version of 75 Minute IPA takes the concept to the next level! To create the cask version, DFH retrofitted a 15-bbl tank at the Milton brewery (they've named the tank Johnny Cask) to perfectly produce this blend. The cask-version of 75 Minute gets a special whole-leaf dry-hopping session in this tank, then gets transferred to firkins and dosed with fresh yeast and maple syrup from the ole family homestead (Red Brook Farm in western Mass.).

This is a rare treat.  Don't miss it.

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